The Storaas Sisters Hotel has three different room categories : the Story Room, the Farm Room and the Cabin Room.  Sleep well and share your stories and experiences!


The Story Room

The Story Rooms have different designs, each based on a unique family story.  Spend the night in a room such as "The Leopard", " The Ice King" or "The Generous Diva".

• 30 double rooms with twin beds
• 1 double room with double bed
• 3 single rooms


The Farm Room

The Farm Rooms are more simple rooms, designed in a cosy, farmhouse style.

• 5 double rooms with bunk beds
• 3 single rooms
• 1 double room with shared bathroom
• 1 double room with shared bathroom
• 2 single rooms with shared bathroom


The Cabins and Annex

If you wish to cater for yourselves, we also have traditional Norwegian cabins and an annex. Some of these have delightful locations by the water and a view towards Knutetoppen mountain.  

Large Cabin

17 beds spread over 9 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 with a whirlpool and sauna. The cabin also has a fully-equipped kitchen.

Small Cabins (2)

2 smaller cabins each with 4 beds between 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. The cabins each have a fully-equipped kitchen.


6 beds spread over 3 rooms with a bathroom with bath.

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